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EDLINNA Co., Ltd. is a company that offers personalized guided tour services for independent travelers to Japan. We specialize in tailoring experiences for individual customers and providing business translation services for international business professionals engaging with Japanese businesses. Additionally, we offer specialized medical translation services for customers seeking medical treatment, check-ups, and beauty services in Japan. Our services are characterized by competitive pricing and high-quality service, ensuring a personalized experience for our customers. Unlike conventional tour groups, there are no mandatory shopping stops or typical tour time constraints. The entire journey is determined by the customer’s preferences, providing the utmost peace of mind and a truly customized service.

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Hello, I’m Linna. I immigrated to Japan in 2008 and have been living here for 16 years. I majored in tourism services at university because of my passion for Japan, love for travel, and fascination with Japanese culture. In order to share the joy of experiencing local Japanese culture with friends from around the world who also love Japan, my team and I founded EDLINNA. We specialize in providing travel translation and business services in Japan. We love taking photos, enjoy backpacking, and are extremely passionate about the beauty and cuisine of Japan. If you are also a fan of traveling in Japan, feel free to contact us. Let us take you on a journey to fully immerse yourself in the traditional culture of Japan.

Our mission

We are a bridge for you from all over the world to communicate with Japan, and provide you with the most reassuring service to help you solve problems in Japan. Your choice is our greatest recognition.



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Japan Chiba-Ken Yachiodai-Shi Yachiodaiminami 1-6-10 Ebiru 3F

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2000-00-00(2000 Found)

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Linna Ka


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