Private Guided Tours in Japan

Providing Quality Private Guided Tour Services
Fully Tailored to Your Preferences

Exclusive Guides

We offer professional local guides based on your cultural background and requirements. Our private guided tour service is different from traditional group tours, providing one-on-one assistance to cater to your needs.

Tailored Itineraries

We customize the itinerary according to your preferences, handling everything from flights and tickets to hotels. Explore both well-known attractions and hidden gems known only to local residents, ensuring a unique travel experience. We can even customize a romantic proposal trip or a corporate tour based on your needs.

Personalized Services

We arrange various special services, venues, restaurants, tickets, and even offer special services like Amazon shopping assistance. In case of unexpected situations during your trip, such as lost items, we provide immediate assistance as needed.

What is "Japan Customized Tours"?

Customized Tours offer a deeply immersive private tour experience with a high level of privacy. No need to join unfamiliar groups—our private guides provide one-on-one service throughout the entire journey. Your itinerary is flexible, allowing you to explore every corner of Japan at your own pace.
We provide you with a personal guide and a detailed itinerary tailored to your needs. Perfect for those unfamiliar with Japanese culture and language, and with no time for travel planning, but still eager to experience authentic local culture.
Our service starts from itinerary planning and customization, to booking your flights, hotels, and tickets, and finally arranging a local guide for your travel day. You just need to have ideas, and we take care of the rest, efficiently planning to save you valuable time.
Go wherever you want—your itinerary, your rules.

Differences Between Customized Tours and Traditional Tours

Compared to traditional travel agencies, hiring a private guide offers more freedom and flexibility, ensuring attentive care.

Traditional Travel Agencies

  • Predetermined itineraries with no flexibility
  • Group services with multiple families
  • Group joining is required
  • Guides may be local residents or a combination with local guides
  • Charges per person, including children
  • Large buses for transportation
  • Main focus on shopping
  • Tips need to be paid to the guide per person


  • Flexible and customizable itineraries according to customer preferences, with the ability to change during the trip within reason ※
  • Exclusive service for you or your group members
  • Can operate with a single person or multiple people without the need to join groups
  • Guides are residents of Japan, providing better local insight
  • Charges based on the number of people and segmented groups
  • Private car or public transportation arranged based on the customer's budget and preference
  • Offers shopping, experiences, and activities based on your decisions
  • No pressure to pay tips

※1 Subject to reasonable itinerary.


Customized Tour Services

We provide private guided tour services and chauffeur services. In addition to hiring a guide, we also offer customized itinerary services for those who prefer independent travel. If you need more customized services, please contact us with your ideas.

Guided Tour Services

  • Private Guide

    Full one-on-one service by a guide throughout the journey.

  • Itinerary Planning

    Provides customers with a carefully crafted itinerary based on their ideas and requirements, along with booking flights, hotels, venues, or tickets.

Customized Itineraries

  • Itinerary Planning

    Provides customers with a carefully crafted itinerary based on their ideas and requirements, along with booking flights, hotels, venues, or tickets.

  • Online Assistance

    Personalized assistance available online or in voice format to solve problems for customers. ※Additional Services

Chauffeur Service

  • Chauffeur Service

    Provides chauffeur services based on customer needs, such as airport transfers and chauffeured tours.

Service Process

From consulting on the itinerary to creating the itinerary and departing on the journey, we carefully answer your questions and provide thoughtful service.

#1 Consulting on Itinerary

Contact us and provide specific or approximate travel dates, the number of people, destinations, and requirements. We will inform you of the service fees based on the information provided by the customer.

#2 Reserving Itinerary

After receiving the order and thoroughly reading the order content, confirming agreement to the terms, and paying the deposit, we customize the customer's exclusive itinerary according to preferences and requirements. This includes reserving hotels, tickets, and more.
※Chauffeur service has a simplified reservation process.

#3 Confirming Itinerary

We confirm the relevant itinerary and service content with the customer. Of course, if customers have any new ideas, they can change their itinerary at any time within the reasonable service range.
※Changes must be made within a reasonable itinerary context.

#4 Travel Day

Before the departure date, customers pay the remaining fees. Our guide will contact the customer, and the exclusive itinerary can begin. Meet at the designated location or hotel lobby, and start your exclusive journey to experience the charm of Japan.

Full-service with passionate and considerate one-on-one service.
No forced consumption, no deception, reliable and trustworthy service.
Carefully explain local culture and experience local customs.
Busy with work, taking care of the family, and no time for itinerary planning. Need a professional to do the job.
Want to visit local specialty restaurants or attractions, need recommendations and reservations.
Take care of the pace of the elderly and children, seeking a comfortable and flexible travel experience.
Visit multiple times, or take a unique personalized route to understand different aspects of Japan.
Become your caring local guide and a friend from afar.

Popular Attractions

Popular attractions are summarized from the customer's itinerary planning book as one of the most popular attractions or regions.


Japan’s capital, the most vibrant place in Japan. Everything from shopping to attractions is available. Trendy places like Harajuku and Shibuya, anime paradise Akihabara, iconic landmarks like Senso-ji Temple, and two towers, Tokyo Tower and Tokyo Skytree.


Kamakura is a city located in the southern part of Kanagawa Prefecture, with a history of nearly a thousand years. It witnessed the beginning and end of the Kamakura shogunate era. Many shrines and temples are located nearby, with the Great Buddha of Kamakura being the most famous. Taking the Enoden to Enoshima provides a panoramic view of Kamakura and Enoshima’s sea views. It is also a famous filming location for Slam Dunk. Various flowers bloom throughout the year, with hydrangeas blooming in summer being the most famous.


Matsumoto Castle is located in Matsumoto City, the second-largest city in Nagano Prefecture. It is currently the oldest among the existing 12 five-story six-layer wooden castles in Japan. Matsumoto City also has traditional streets, Nakamachi-dori and Nawate-dori. The ski and summer resort and the large outlet of Karuizawa are also located in Nagano Prefecture.


Mother Farm is located in Chiba Prefecture, where you can get close to nature and breathe fresh air. You can also bring your pets to this farm, which is a farm close to animals, offering various activities such as strawberry and blueberry picking, kiwi digging, and sweet potato digging. Facilities also include Genghis Khan lamb barbecue.


Hida Takayama is located in Takayama City, Gifu Prefecture, in central Japan. It has a long history shaped by river erosion and glacial erosion, and still retains the ancient streets passed down from the Edo period. The streets are lined with traditional wooden buildings, and the area is known for its festivals, traditional crafts, and Hida beef.


Mount Fuji, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, has an elevation of 3,776 meters and is only open for climbing in the summer. It presents different aspects depending on the season, time, or weather. In summer, you can experience a temperature of around 5 degrees Celsius at the foot of Mount Fuji. Nearby attractions include Lake Kawaguchi, known for its natural refrigerator, the underground cave, ice cave, and wind cave.


Osaka is one of the most popular cities outside Tokyo, offering shopping, gastronomy, and attractions. It includes attractions such as Universal Studios Japan (USJ) and Osaka Castle.


Nara is the birthplace of ancient Japan and served as the capital from 710 to 794. It is home to the world’s largest wooden building, Todai-ji Temple, and famous shrines like Kasuga Taisha and Horyu-ji Temple. Nara Park is also known for its over a thousand freely-roaming deer that visitors can feed.


Nikko has the UNESCO World Heritage site of Toshogu Shrine, the mausoleum of Tokugawa Ieyasu, with intricate carvings and the famous three wise monkeys. Nearby attractions include the world’s first wisteria flower park and the Kinugawa Onsen.


Kyoto is a thriving city, once the residence of the Japanese emperor and a long-standing political and cultural center. The architecture still maintains its historical style. One of the most attractive sights in Kyoto is the Fushimi Inari Taisha, with its 1,300-year history.


In 1995, the Shirakawa-go in Gifu Prefecture and Gokayama in Toyama Prefecture were listed as World Heritage Sites. It is called the “gassho-zukuri” village because of its shape resembling hands pressed together in prayer. The history of the area can be traced back to 6,000 to 7,000 years ago, and the tools used by the original residents are still preserved for visitors to see.


Hokkaido covers an area of 83,456 square kilometers, accounting for 22.9% of Japan’s land. It is a sacred place for summer flower viewing and winter skiing in Japan. Otaru City has various gourmet foods, handicraft shops, and an aquarium with penguins walking. There is also the famous Biei Blue Pond with the most surreal scenery and outdoor hot springs.

Real Recommendations from Customers

Thank you very much for the reviews and feedback from customers, allowing us to continuously improve our service level and leave beautiful memories and smiles for customers during their journey.

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